Our Services

Ventura County
  • Troubleshooting & maintenance
  • Remodel & new construction
  • Professional lighting design
  • Custom home electrical
  • Electrical automation
  • Custom home electrical
  • Electrical automation

Trust your home to our expertS

Got a tricky electrical problem?

Our “electrician detectives” are the best in the business, and we can solve your electrical puzzles. Contact us for the simple stuff too, such as installing or replacing your ceiling fans, lighting, and more. No project is too small, and we are licensed to repair aluminum wiring.

Let our professional lighting designers guide you

Lighting design requires a particular set of skills. Our experts know how to correctly install, configure, and position professional lighting systems that minimize shadows, implement the ideal color spectrum to match your settings, and create the perfect mood to complement every environment. We can create subtle ambient lighting, custom task lighting (such as for kitchens and work spaces), and even can develop designs for clients sensitive to lighting headaches.


You might not need a new electrical panel

Adding a hot tub? Looking to confirm that your electrical system is safe? Let us conduct an electrical assessment. We often find that our customers have been misled to believe they need a new electrical panel or a significant upgrade, when only minor repairs or adjustments are needed.

Experts at historical restoration

We break out a special set of kid gloves for the extremely delicate task of historical restoration. The experts in this industry trust Infinity Electric because we know how to coordinate with restoration specialists and carpenters on the unique challenges required by these projects.

We stand behind our work!

Is solar a smart choice for your BUSINESS?

Solar power can help your business reduce or even eliminate your electric bill. Speak to a representative at our sister company, Infinity Solar, and get an evaluation of whether solar is a great fit for your business. Our experts also can help you take advantage of of the 26 percent federal tax credit.