Our company & work family

How we got started

Michael Adams started doing electrical work at 12 years old. Before starting Infinity, Michael spent 10 years learning the electrical craft from his father Dennis Adams, the founder of Denny’s Electric. It was during this time that Michael realized the importance of integrity, craftsmanship, and quality, the central premise that Michael has built Infinity Electric around.

Infinity is an opportunity to invest in people, build relationships and use the blessings God has poured out on us to impact the world around us. As a company, staff and owners, we use our resources generated at Infinity to help others. I’m proud of my team members who give their time to help others and work hard to make funds available to give where needed. We have teamed up with Welcome Home in Uganda, Africa, spending time getting to know the children there.  We love the faith based work they’re doing at Welcome Home to help kids, and are honored to partner with them.

“We have been able to witness children’s lives being saved and families being reunited. Please take a look and partner with them as they are boots on the ground, saving children.

“Megan and I are adoptive parents and can now show pics of our beautiful boys! We have since added another beautiful girl to our family, Ellie. We are blessed to raise godly children.

Father-and-son team Dennis (left) and Michael Adams

Michael Adams

Owner & Customer Relations

Hi, I’m Michael. I get the pleasure of running the company and working with the best staff you can ask for. Each of our employees is picked based on character and integrity, not necessarily skill or work experience. My experience has taught me that I can not teach character, I can however teach the trade. I’m always available to talk if you have anything you need to discuss about a job or staff member. I appreciate constructive criticism and love hearing how my people exceeded your expectations as well.

We started Infinity Solar in 2016 and have been slowly growing it until 2019 when we launched to doing some great projects and went full send!

My family and God are my priorities in life, I try to constantly juggle making them a priority while building a business and investing in my staff. I am married to Megan, the love of my life. I have a daughter, Taylor, who spent four years in the Navy and is now in school. Our son Neil is active in the Coast Guard and stationed out of Houston. I also have two young guys, Nathan and Matthew that keep us pretty busy, and our youngest is Ellie! All my kids make me proud and I love that I get to speak into their lives as they grow.

I appreciate you looking at our website, I also hope you feel comfortable working with us and tell all your friends!

Vincent Moreno

Project Manager

I am from Ojai and now live super far away in Oak View. I have four girls that I enjoy BBQing for. All my free time is spent outside at the beach and camping. The next time I go, I will make sure I invite my co-workers because I love them so. Go Dodgers!

Lawrence Quero

I started doing electrical work in Santa Barbara around the same time I had my first child. I took the bus from Ventura to Santa Barbara every day to work. My friend Vince told me about a local company that he worked for in Ventura that was hiring. I really didn’t have time for an interview due to my work hours. Michael, the owner of the company, met me one morning at 6 am in downtown Ventura at a local coffee place before I jumped on the bus for work. The rest is history. I have been working for the company for over three years. Outside of work I enjoy hiking, skate boarding, and spending time with my family.

Jon Brace

My name is Jonathan Brace I am 37 years old and a current resident of Ventura. I am originally from Plymouth, Mass. I moved to California in 2003 when I served in the U.S. Navy. I served active duty from 2003-2009 as an electrician and joined forces with the Infinity Electric team shortly after my time with the Navy. I have now been with Infinity Electric for over 12 years. I am happily married to Jennifer Brace. We have two children, a tortoise, and two cats. I enjoy working on my ’64 Thunderbird, mountain biking, and fishing.

Nic Recchio

I think I am funnier than I really am. I am Cali raised, Thousand Oaks to be exact. I have five years of electrical experience. I enjoy the great outdoors, working on muscle cars and motor cycle riding. Yeeehaaw!

Greg Arnolds

At 18, I enlisted in the US Air Force. I started off working in tactical aircraft maintenance maintaining fighter jets. As soon as my enlistment was completed, I enrolled in school for electrical, airframe and power plant. I have a strong background in vanadium redox flow battery systems. My hobbies consist of camping, skate boarding, project cars, electronics, off-roading, and rock climbing.

Kyle Hunt

I grew up and have lived in the Ojai Valley all my life. I enjoy music and spending time with my family. I have six years of electrical experience.

Sean Boon

My name is Sean Boon. I work for Infinity Electric as a service tech. I have lived here in Ventura County since 1985. I have been working with electricity for more than 15 years. I have an associate degree in physical science and biology, and a technical degree in electrical technology. When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, mining crypto-currency, fishing, and playing video games. My main goal, in the service department, is to provide excellent customer service and good quality workmanship. 


Tyler Ortmann

Tyler knows his stuff. He has been with Infinity Electric for over five years and counting. Tyler is also a Ventura native. He enjoys carpentry and bringing pizza into the shop at the end of the day for all the guys.


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