Michael Adams


Hi I’m Michael, I get the pleasure of running the company and working with the best staff you can ask for. Each of our employees are pick based on their character and integrity, not necessarily skill or work experience. My experience has taught me that I can not teach character, I can however teach the trade. I’m always available to talk if you have anything you need to discuss about a job or staff member. My cell phone is listed here, I appreciate constructive criticism and love hearing how my people exceeded your expectations as well.

I started in the trades when I was 12 working summers doing construction, went full time at 18. I had the benefit of having entrepreneurs for parents which they passed not only that but good work ethic down to me. My brother and I purchased my parents’ company, Denny’s Electric, when I was 25 years old. After 4 years I sold my half to my brother and started Infinity Electric in 2004. We have been blessed to grow at a nice steady pace and create a client base that is second to none.

My family and God are my priorities in life, I try to constantly juggle making them a priority while building a business and investing in my staff. I am married to Megan, the love of my life. I have a daughter, Taylor, currently in the Navy. I have a son, Neil, in highschool. I also have two young guys, Nathan and Matthew that keep us pretty busy! All my kids make me proud and I love that I get to speak into their lives as they grow.

I appreciate you looking at our website, I also hope you feel comfortable working with us and tell all your friends!