Jon Brace


Jon grew up in Plymouth, MA and moved to California 13 years ago. Jon served in the Navy where he continued to fine tune his electrical skills. Jon has a 6 year old son Nate and an 8 year old daughter Ashlin. He is married to Jennifer, claims she keeps him together.
Jon enjoys frisbee, fishing, working on his Ranchero and tinkering. He claims to be a pretty good singer and gummy bears make him happy!
Jon has been doing electrical work for 12 years. He is a project lead, assists in managing employees and a most trusted key man in the company. Jon runs a lot of the large residential and commercial projects as a foreman.
Personal note from the owner:
Jon is a key man, he is capable, trustworthy and brings a joy to the jobsites. Clients absolutely love having him around, always a smile on his face.